Taking Care of Singing Bowls



Singing bowls have been in existence for a long time now, and they have gained popularity in almost every part of the world. If you have seen one, perhaps the question you are trying to figure out is; where can they be found and what are their usages? You can find all varieties of singing bowls at Silver Sky Imports which is an online store and specializes in these bowls. The singing bowls are available in different sizes just to suit any customer’s requirements.  Additionally, they are affordable so that any client can manage to purchase that which he or she wants. Tibetan singing bowls are useful in meditation process, healing, spiritual guidance and practicing music. One challenge that faces people who purchase Tibetan singing bowls is the maintenance process because the bowls require a lot of care for it to last long. However, you do not need to worry about that now as this article provides guidance on how to take care of the singing bowl at SilverSkyImports.com for it to remain beautiful and valuable for a long time.


It is important that you clean the bowl as much as need be and you can do this by using soap water and warm water. Pour the soapy water into the bowl and using a soft piece of cloth, wipe it carefully and then rinse it. You can use another dry piece of cloth to clean the bowl until it is completely dry so that no moisture remains to destroy the metal surface. You can clean the bowls at least every week for an optimal condition.


Silver Sky Imports Singing bowls are beautiful, and with time, they start to lose their shiny metal surface and to regain their beautiful state, you can polish the surface using a soft cloth and a commercial metal polish such as brass or bronze. You must test the polish on another surface so that you are sure that it will not spoil the patina. Regular polishing keeps the bowl sparkling and avoids tarnishing.


You must store the singing bowls in a place with moderately warm temperature. Warm temperature makes the metals flexible, and this makes it easy to play. However, extended exposure to extreme heat may damage the bowls. You also need to be careful how you handle the bowls so that you do not drop them frequently or even knock them with other metal items. Poor handling can dent it and spoil it sound quality and beauty.